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3D red abstraction 7680

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3D red abstraction picture
This is a dynamic, abstract wallpaper. It is best characterized by a modern metallic style and by a sense of motion hurling towards the observer. As if we were trapped in a strange explosion or technological process of some unknown kind. The color scheme resorts strictly to sharp combinations of grey and red, which are then paired with unevenly diffuse lighting. The combination provides for the futuristic and sci-fi feel of the wallpaper; giving it strange, dark undertones.
The vibrant character of the wallpaper is further expressed by large, irregular shifts of contrast and by a play of shadows and reflections – the wallpaper itself is a rather plastic play with perspective. Its abstract motion is seen in thin lines far away as well as in thick strokes very close to the observer. The point of view is tilted upwards as the mass of moving shapes spirals down right against it, giving an urgent sense of seeing the last few remaining seconds.

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Well wrapped canvas. It is thick and sturdy. The gloss finish is just right leaving a light shine on the canvas.

3D Abstract red Gallery Wrap Canvas
3D Abstract red Gallery Wrap Canvas
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