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Special edition retina 5K wallpaper iMac and PC 5120x2880 display monitor


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This is the purists’ abstract wallpaper. It’s composed of just white, blue, and gray projected as lines against a solid black background. Again, the artist has a contrast on his mind…
The lines in the foreground (white and blue, cyan, green, red, yellow) are apparently technological and resemble buzzing energy. The background is another story. Whilst the foreground lines are crisp and precise, the background ones are monochrome gray and seem more like the internal structure of some strange alien organism.
To further the contrast, the lines are drawn very differently. The foreground blue (with its one big loop) is by far the most ordered. The background grays are all jumbled up and stochastic. The whites aren’t conceived in just one manner, connecting the two ends of the spectrum.
What seems as a simple abstraction on the first glance reveals itself to be a subtle interplay between the extremes of order, disorder, and of the possible states in between.


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